treatments for patients with fear

Many people fear going to the dentist. Some avoid the dentist completely from sheer dental fear and phobias.

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      Emergency Appointment

          Does it sound familiar? Then, at least, it is good to know that you are not alone. Do not postpone your visit to the dentist! Thanks to the friendly atmosphere you will feel good at the dental practice Brigantijn and it will be easy for you to talk about your anxiety. Our specialist will help you find a suitable solution for you. We dedicate our time to you and offer sedation dentistry to help make your dental experience more pleasant. Instead of feeling nervous or anxious in a dentists chair, you can feel calm, relaxed, and completely at ease. At the dental practice Brigantijn we offer nitrous oxide to make your visit to the dentist unbelievably easy. How does nitrous sedation work? You get a nasal mask which at first supplies you with pure oxygen and then gradually increases the supply of nitrous oxide. After a few minutes, it will give you a relaxing and pleasant feeling. You will stay aware throughout the treatment but you wiil be much more relaxed than if you were sitting in the dentist’s chair “normally”. Nitrous oxide is partly analgesic, that is why during a treatment with nitrous oxide anesthesia is given additionally if needed. Once the procedure is completed and the nitrous oxide is removed, the effects of the gas wear off immediately and a patient can go back to their day, including regular things as driving car, eating and drinking.

          Nitrous oxide is suitable for:

          anxious patients, children, people with an increased urge to vomit, tightness in the chest (angina) and asthma.

          Nitrous oxide is not suitable for:

          patients with problems of regular nasal breathing, emphysema, pneumothorax, myocardial recent infarction, heart failures, MS, muscle weakness, FOB, depression, schizophrenia, recent ear infection, children younger than 4 years, women during the first three months of pregnancy, women willing to be pregnant.

          Prevention of fear

          Anxiety prevention is important. We recommend that you take your children early to our dental practice even before they need any treatment. This way they can get used to the dental environment and you may find them playing with movable seats, instruments and our team.


          What do our clients say:

          Ben vandaag geweest – echt een super goed team, heel lief. Ik ben dan ook onder narcose gebracht. Ben nu zo blij met mijn nieuwe gebit. Wonden zijn nog vers maar super bedankt,Tandheelkundig Centrum Brigantijn! Tot van de week.

          Dhr. Verdier Hague

          Geweldige tandartspraktijk. Ik zal deze bij iedereen aanraden. In heel mijn leven nog nooit zo’n vriendelijke en rustige tandarts gehad.

          Mevr. Bovet Hague

          Professionele, moderne tandartspraktijk met vriendelijke tandarts en assistentes. Men neemt de tijd voor uitleg, advies en behandeling.

          Dhr. Piet Mangold Hague

          Thank you,
          I have received a professional treatment with a friendly attitude and no pain. The doctor makes sure the patient feels comfortable, applies reasonable anesthetics and takes time to make sure that the treatment goes without pain and stress. Thank you!

          Mevr. Victoria Petko Hague

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                Emergency Appointment
                Emergency Appointment