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Teeth whitening gets more popular and we offer this treatment with pleasure.

      Emergency Appointment
      Emergency Appointment

          Philips Zoom!

          • meets all EU safety requirements and is therefore absolutely safe. It is a professional and effective manner to get healthy white shining smile.
          • treatment involves combination of a powerful LED lamp and a gel based on hydrogen peroxide. The bleaching gel also contains ACP (amorphous calcium phosphate) and potassium nitrate: these substances provide less sensitivity to the teeth and improve tooth enamel. Within 90 minutes your teeth will be whiter up to 6 shades!
          Final results might differ from patient to patient as being dependent on many factors.
          Bear in mind that existing fillings, crowns and bridges not to get whiter. Although the bleaching treatment is suitable for almost everyone, we offer free consultations.



          What do our clients say:

          Ben vandaag geweest – echt een super goed team, heel lief. Ik ben dan ook onder narcose gebracht. Ben nu zo blij met mijn nieuwe gebit. Wonden zijn nog vers maar super bedankt,Tandheelkundig Centrum Brigantijn! Tot van de week.

          Dhr. Verdier Hague

          Geweldige tandartspraktijk. Ik zal deze bij iedereen aanraden. In heel mijn leven nog nooit zo’n vriendelijke en rustige tandarts gehad.

          Mevr. Bovet Hague

          Professionele, moderne tandartspraktijk met vriendelijke tandarts en assistentes. Men neemt de tijd voor uitleg, advies en behandeling.

          Dhr. Piet Mangold Hague

          Thank you,
          I have received a professional treatment with a friendly attitude and no pain. The doctor makes sure the patient feels comfortable, applies reasonable anesthetics and takes time to make sure that the treatment goes without pain and stress. Thank you!

          Mevr. Victoria Petko Hague

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                Emergency Appointment
                Emergency Appointment