Today’s patient expects that the mission of the dentist is to let them maintain beautiful and well-functioning teeth and preferably with minimal dental treatment.

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      Emergency Appointment

          Prevention and early diagnosis should therefore be in the first place. Our dentists check with the semi-annual monitoring not only your teeth but also the gums (a periodontal check). The condition of the gums is documented in a patient chart (DPSI – score).

          If you already experience problems with the gums or if the problems arise despite the prevention care then research and diagnostics of the gums are required. In this case, the dental hygienist makes a periodontium and takes a saliva sample for a bacteria test. Very often the cause of a periodontal disease is bacteria. Other causes may include: side effects of medication, smoking, hormones or genetic components. At the next appointment the dentist will discuss the result of the bacteriological examination with you and will offer a treatment plan. The patient then receives a detailed cost estimation for a periodontal treatment according to the Paroprotocol. Only if the patient agrees with the proposed treatment the actual periodontal treatment gets started.

          A periodontal treatment can take up to 2 years. The cooperation of the patient to improve oral hygiene and to follow the instructions of the dental hygienist are very important for a successful treatment process.

          At the dental practice Brigantijn we offer periodontal treatments and surgery that cover:

          • Supra- and subgingival scaling and root planning (deep cleaning) to remove microbial plaque and calculus.
          • Instruction, reinforcement and evaluation of our plaque control.
          • Antimicrobial agents or devices may be used as adjuncts. These would include Arestin, Periochip, and other local delivery antibiotics.
          • Evaluation of the initial therapy’s outcome as well as periodontal maintenance at appropriate intervals.
          • Gingival augmentation therapy: areas of the mouth that have suffered from receding gums may be improved by gingival grafting. Briefly, your own gum tissue from elsewhere in the mouth (usually the roof of the mouth) can be surgically placed in an area where it is needed.
          • Regenerative therapy (bone replacement grafts, guided tissue regeneration, combined regenerative techniques): areas that have lost bone rapidly may be replaced with bone graft material. This may help to regenerate the lost bone. Sometimes biological materials such as Emdogain can augment this procedure. Emdogain is the first, and only, substance approved for use in the regeneration of lost periodontal attachment. In some situations, collagen membranes are used to help regenerate lost periodontal bone.
          • Resective therapy – flaps with or without osseous surgery and Gingivectomy.

          Other Considerations

          We help our patients to consider and deal with cessation of smoking, control of diabetes and other issues in order to constantly improve oral hygiene.



          What do our clients say:

          Ben vandaag geweest – echt een super goed team, heel lief. Ik ben dan ook onder narcose gebracht. Ben nu zo blij met mijn nieuwe gebit. Wonden zijn nog vers maar super bedankt,Tandheelkundig Centrum Brigantijn! Tot van de week.

          Dhr. Verdier Hague

          Geweldige tandartspraktijk. Ik zal deze bij iedereen aanraden. In heel mijn leven nog nooit zo’n vriendelijke en rustige tandarts gehad.

          Mevr. Bovet Hague

          Professionele, moderne tandartspraktijk met vriendelijke tandarts en assistentes. Men neemt de tijd voor uitleg, advies en behandeling.

          Dhr. Piet Mangold Hague

          Thank you,
          I have received a professional treatment with a friendly attitude and no pain. The doctor makes sure the patient feels comfortable, applies reasonable anesthetics and takes time to make sure that the treatment goes without pain and stress. Thank you!

          Mevr. Victoria Petko Hague

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                Emergency Appointment